Fresh, healthy food is provided on a daily basis from the chef at Shireland Collegiate Academy and our Kitchen Assistant ensures the food is suitably served to the children. We ensure that there is fresh fruit and vegetables on offer each day and children are encourage to eat meals when offered. Puddings are provided after lunch, however these are generally low sugar options.

We cater for all dietary requirements, whether these are for religious, dietary i.e. allergies, or parent wishes. We do not provide Halal meat, so children who require this will be offered a vegetarian option.

Where young babies begin the weaning process, our Kitchen Assistant will ensure the food provided is suitable and offered in a way that is age/stage appropriate.

Cow’s milk is offered to all children over 1, free of charge, at snack times (10am and 3.30pm). Babies who require formula, parents/carers must provide this from home. Parents/carers are supply own bottles for milk, however sterilizing facilities are available for on-going storage.