Care & Curriculum

We offer high levels of care to suit the individual needs of each child and their families. Our intention is to make the child and their family feel safe and at ease from the very first visit and to ensure we demonstrate our desire to provide the best care possible. We ensure every child and their family are safeguarded in every way possible. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced to offer support and advice. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and ensure that this is the forefront of every decision made in regards to the care and education we offer every child. We intend to set our children up for the very best start in life to enable them to become confident and independent learners, to explore the world around them and to make sense of their belonging in their world and beyond.

We promote Learning Through Play at every stage of learning and ensure that the children learn through fun, interactive and interesting opportunities that are not limited to producing art work or display work but where the children can explore at their own rate, doing things that interest them and allows them to think critically and make decisions. We encourage children to wear aprons for messy activities but they do not have to wear them if they do not wish. We ask parents/carers to pack additional clothes into their child’s bag to enable the key worker to change them into clean clothes throughout the day as needed. By allowing children to explore at their own rate, without interruption allows them to develop imaginative, mathematical, science skills as well as speech, language and understanding skills. Children are able to make predictions & choices whilst having fun and exploring…. A firm favourite is the mud kitchen!

Staff ensure that as parents/carers, you are involved at every stage of your child’s development. From the child’s first induction, staff will gather information regarding your child stage of development, their likes & dislikes, what they can do and how you would like us to support their developing skills. Every child is appointed a Key Worker upon induction, this member of staff will ensure that your child’s needs are met and understood, liaise with parents/carers at every stage of the induction, settling in periods and throughout their time at nursery. Where a child forms as a particular attachment to a different member of staff within their allocated room/ age group, they will move into their group to enable the relationship to grow and will ensure your child has a person of comfort to seek out when needed. Staff will observe children regularly and make judgements on their learning and development, whilst offering opportunities for children to develop in all areas of their development. Using our online journal system, Tapestry, parents will have secure access to their child’s account. You will be able to see how your child is developing, new skills they have learnt and also upload observations from home. This encourages home learning in a less formal way and parents/carers can begin to understand Learning through Play as a beneficial form of teaching/ learning.

Where your child is ill, we insist that all parents/carers follow the advice and guidance from staff in regards to exclusion periods. This is for the safety of every child and adult who enters the nursery and staff will send a child home if they are too unwell to remain at nursery. Parents/carers will be expected to seek GP advice where necessary and if medication is required for an illness, this MUST be prescribed by a healthcare practitioner before we are able to administer at nursery. This include eczema creams/ eye drops. Where paracetamol is required, parents/carers must ensure this is prescribed, over the counter Calpol or equivalent will not be administered by nursery staff.