Big Room

Welcome to our Big Room, this is where you will find our Butterflies & Ladybirds Groups. Based in a spacious room with lots of natural light, we can accommodate up to 28 children aged between 2 years to 5 years. As with the Baby Room, all the resources are low level and easily accessible to all the children, encouraging independent learning. Staff in this age are experienced in working with children of this age and have undertaken specific training such as ‘2 year old training’ & ‘Behaviour Management’. Teaching and learning for this age group is all in the art of capturing their attention and offering experiences that allow their creativity without limitations, to prevent unwanted behaviour through frustration and to enrich their developing language skills.

There are various areas of the Big Room that enable the children to explore and learn in a variety of ways. Our ‘Art & Craft Area’ is equipped with a variety of resources to develop fine motor skills, such as pencil control, scissors for cutting, mark making as well as allowing the children to be creative and express themselves through art. The ‘Book Corner’ has a range of books/ stories for the children to enjoy, including fiction and non-fiction. The children are encouraged to take care of books with in the nursery and to enjoy sharing stories, in small or larger groups. Our ‘ICT Area’ consists of a large, touch screen Interactive Smart Board and two touch screen computers. Staff understand the importance of limited screen time and the children are limited to 10 minutes per time. The ICT equipment is used for interactive and educational programmes where the children can develop their ICT skills such as mark making, printing and seeing their work in printed form.

The ‘Small World Area’ is where you will find a range of blocks for block play with enhancements such as animals, mini beasts, people and natural resources such as shells & pine cones. Enhanced resources provoke a child’s thought process as well as enhance a child’s imagination and language skills. The ‘Junk Area’ is where the children use tubes, boxes, large reels etc to make dens or create their own games. Children enjoy this form of physical play due to its endless possibilities and without limitation. The ‘Climb & Slide Area’ is a large piece of equipment where the children can enjoy physical play, den making whilst enhancing social skills. The ‘Role Play Area’ is where you will find real life resources that enhance a child’s imagination.

Butterfly Group

The Butterflies Group are for children aged 2-3years of age. The 2-3 year olds are able to interact with the pre-school children on a daily basis, where they can play alongside their older peers whilst learning from them, enhancing their own play styles and development. There is more emphasis on potty/ toilet training for this age group, your child’s Key worker will discuss the process with parents/carers and decide when is best to begin potty/toilet training. Parents/carers will be expected to begin this process at home for 2-3 weeks prior to starting training process at nursery. This will enable the child to become familiar with using the potty/ toilet without pressure and for parents to try a variety of methods to suit the needs of their child. Key Workers will then continue the process at nursery for consistency. Parents/Carers are to bring in multiple sets of spare clothes and shoes when training begins. There may be many accidents during the day and staff must have enough clothes for the child to change into. Parents will take clothes home on a daily basis to wash and return.

We offer 2year old funding for children within the local community, who meet the criteria as set out by the Local Authority.

Ladybirds Group

Our Ladybirds Group consists of our Pre-school children, aged 3-5years. Our experienced staff understand the need to develop the children’s skills to get them ready for school. Ladybirds staff will liaise with the local schools to understand their meaning of ‘school readiness’ to ensure they can support the children in the build up to and during their transition into school. School readiness does not necessarily mean that your child can count, read or write, it may simply mean they have competent skills in toileting, self-help skills such as dressing/ undressing/ putting on their own shoes, good social skills and understanding instruction.

You can access the Universal 15hours funding for all 3 and 4 year olds, with the Additional 15 hours being offered, where possible to those who are eligible. Parents/ carers will have to apply for the Additional hours via the HMRC website, where you will be issued an Eligibility Code that you must share with the Nursery in order for your claim to be processed.

Toilet Facilites

Children in the big room have direct access to the children’s bathroom, where you will find low level toilets and sinks to enhance independence. A child will be toilet trained when s/he is ready and staff will endeavour to make the process fun without pressure. Parents/carers must provide nappies/ pull-ups for children as required, and spare clothes for their child, should they need them for toileting or due to messy play.