Baby Room

Welcome to our Baby Room where you will find our Caterpillars Group. Based in a large & spacious room, we cater for up to 12 babies and toddlers, aged 6 weeks to 2 years. All resources are child friendly and low level, allowing children to play freely and explore at their own pace. Staff in this room all undertake Baby Room Training to ensure they are able to understand the differing needs and can adapt the environment to suit the babies/ toddlers as necessary. Experienced staff all take care of their individual Key Groups and work in close partnership with parents/ carers to ensure a high level of care at al times. Babies are so precious, and all our staff understand the concerns parents/ carers may have when leaving them in child care to return to work. Our staff are here to support all families at every stage of the way.

With various areas around the room, babies and toddlers can access a range of equipment and resources to enhance their development. Our ‘Cosy corner’, where children can take time to relax in the den with soft furnishings and teddies. Our ‘Sleep Area’ with low level Coracle beds, where babies are safe to sleep and wake at their own pace. The ‘Book Corner’ which has a variety of books and puppets for children to enjoy and share with their friends or adults. We put emphasis on sharing books from a young age and encourage the children to enjoy story time in small or larger groups. Puppets and other resources enrich story time and enable it to be more interactive and fun for the younger ones. The ‘Dressing Up’ area is a space for the children to develop self-help skills, such as dressing and undressing as well as taking on roles within their play, with various outfits to develop understanding of the world and language skills. ‘Art Corner’ is where the children can access a range of art and craft resources, encouraging mark making and messy play.

We have ‘Sand/Water/ Messy Area’ where staff allow the children to explore with hands on messy play- this allows the children to develop a range of skills, including physical skills, imagination, simple mathematical skills and much more. Our ‘Climb & Slide’ equipment is a firm favourite for the children off all ages in the Caterpillar Room, encouraging their developing physical skills such as crawling and walking, through to allow friendships to blossom, through games and more active play. The ‘Exploring Area’ is for low level blocks, sensory resources, musical instruments, puzzles etc. The babies and toddlers can access these resources freely and staff are always on hand to help support their learning. The ‘Role Play- Home Corner’ is where the children can explore with real life resources and real food. The staff encourage the children to use real cutlery, tea teacups/ saucers, kitchen utensils during play and will be on hand to help the children.

Nappy Room

Baby Room have their own Nappy Changing facilities. Individual, labelled boxes for each child are stored here with nappies, cream wipes etc. Parents/carers must provide their child with nappies and nappy cream. These can be stored in bulk in the Nappy room or in your child’s bag. Care routines are followed by Key Workers, taking into account each child’s individual needs. Eczema cream can be applied by nursery staff if required. Nappy times are a perfect opportunity for Key Workers to develop their one-to-one time with each child and to use this time to enhance communication and language skills, social skills as well as self-help skills. Where a parent/carer wishes, staff can begin potty training toddlers in this room, however this will be at a pace to suit the child, with not pressure to use potty’s if a child doesn’t want to.